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Cannabis Doctors Australia is one of the biggest organizations all over the world. It takes the help of cannabis which is a type of drug for the purpose of treatment. The cannabis plant is used for getting cannabis and this is used for the treatment of various chronic diseases all over the world. The cannabis type of treatment is started from the Australian country and now this method has been adopted by many other countries like India, New Zealand, and many others. The treatment is very much effective in the medical background and it has also achieved a mark and that is the reason behind the adaptation of this kind of treatment by many countries. The cannabis is so effective that it helps the patient in his or her better treatment. As cannabis is a type of drug so it is used by many drug-addicted persons for the purpose of smoking and all, but the doctors of Australia has found a great way to use this drug for the purpose of treating agent.

The use of cannabis has provided a great opportunity for health organizations to deal with market strategies. The cannabis is providing a great opportunity to the medical organizations and helps them to get stability in the market. This helps in increasing the profit of the medical organization that is moreover dependent on cannabis treatments. There is also an increase in the services by the medical sectors to the patients in recent days. These services can help a patient in his or her disease treatment which was not possible before the use of cannabis. The report will discuss all the important factors, modifications, opportunities, strategies and the other important elements of the Cannabis Doctors Australia.


Many types of researches and experiments are done by the doctors to produce an effective way of treatment which is not only giving the benefit to the patients but also giving the benefit to the whole medical community and all the organizations who are connected with this medical field in stabilizing their market value in the recent decade. The Asian country like India is also adopting this cannabis technique and now it is considered as a legal treatment according to the legislative background. There is the establishment of many medical dispensaries based on this cannabis treatment method. The treatment by the help of cannabis is very much effective in patients who are suffering from cancer and all. The countries where the number of cancer patients is more are using this treatment method to sort out their problem. The scientists of Asian countries have found a potential use of this cannabis treatment and now they are applying this potential to get rid of many diseases. These treatments are not only helpful for the medical point of view but also help such countries in increasing their growth rate.

Products and services by the Cannabis Doctors Australia

Cannabis-based organizations help in the treatment of many diseases. With the help of cannabis, it is easy and possible to treat that disease also that are not possible to treat with the help of other medicines. The services that these medicines are providing are so much effective for the treatment of many big diseases like cancer and all. The Asian countries are using this method to treat patients who are living in the tribes. The treatment is also helpful in the treatment of epilepsy and its severe forms (Asbridge et al., 2018). The cannabis is also used for the treatment of anemia which is a dangerous disease. The health centers are providing so much of facilities and these facilities are one type of product for the patients that they are purchasing form the medical officials.

Basically, the Cannabis Doctors Australia is providing the treatment service to the country and this is helping the medical organizations in establishing the market strategies. The organization is operating every single disease and taking profit from the patient (Budney et al., 2015). The medical and health care department of the organizations are charging for the services that they are providing to the patients and these services are possible due to the use of cannabis.

Analysis in Asian countries

As it is known that the diseases are not only present in a single country. It is spread all over the world. The cause of these diseases in different countries can be different or the same but the treatment method is the same in every place. So for the marketing purpose as well as the treatment purpose, many countries are using this cannabis method of treatment to get rid of many diseases. At the time of adaptation and at the early stages, the treatment which is based on cannabis is not legal by the constitutional provisions of Asian countries like India and many more (Coffey et al., 2019). But after the proper clarification and experimental views by the scientists, the government had to change their constitution and these treatments are given the constitutional rights to every patient who wants to treat themselves with the help of cannabis.

As the starting of these cannabis-based treatments was from Australia but it is now used by all the countries for different diseases. The medical organization from different countries is using this technique due to its effectiveness (Calvasina, 2019). As the treatment is very much effective by the use of cannabis and also this gives the profit to the private organizations who charge a lot for these treatments. Many of the private organizations in the field of medical science in the Asian countries are adopting these treatments as this is beneficial for both that is for the patient and the organization as well. The treatment is very helpful in the treatment of epilepsy and its severe forms that are found in these continents. The cannabis is also used for the treatment of anemia which is a dangerous disease.

Competitive strategy analysis in terms of products and services

The main motive of every organization is to get more profit through their services. If an organization is providing good quality of service to the customers that is the patients in this case then more and a number of customers will take the services from that organization. If the quality of service is not good at all then nobody takes the services from that organization and they will prefer the other organizations (Bamber et al., 2017). This introduces a view of competition ion between the different organizations. The different organizations are competing with each other for getting more profit. The competition needs the help of strategy and the organizations are making different strategies for providing the best services.

Different scientists and doctors from different countries are experimenting on a daily basis to get the most efficient use of cannabis. If they will get the best methods of using this cannabis then it will help them to make more profit as most of the patients will prefer them for their treatment. The doctors from the Australian region have started these experiments and now all countries are frustrated for getting the best possible outcome of this cannabis.

Different countries form different strategies and sometimes these strategies fail due to the lack of ability and quality of treatment. They have the number of strategies and if one of the strategies is going to fail then they are ready for trying the different one (Elrod & Fortenberry, 2018). This is due to the motive of competition that one country wants to go-ahead from the other country. This competitive nature helps the country in providing the best way for the purpose of treatment.

Market entry option analysis

The medical sector is developing day by day in a great proportion. Many of the new technologies are implemented on a regular basis in the medical sector by the organization for providing the best facility to the patients. The profit of the medical sector is due to the best quality of services by the different medical organizations whether it is a private organization or whether it is an organization by the government (Gapp & Merrilees, 2016). The profit leads to the entry of new organizations in the market and now they are trying so much to get stability in this marketing field.

The market entry is only possible if the organization contains a unique idea or there is the presence of different approaches with the organization. If the organization will use the old methods then it will never get the stability and the competitors will never give them a chance to go ahead. The different approach is the only key factor that helps them to be successful in this competitive market (Hitt et al., 2017). Here the different approach means the use of cannabis in a newly formed manner which provides more benefit to the patients and if the patients will get more benefit then they will surely prefer the new approach and the marketing strategy will become successful that will open the entry gate for the organization in the market and help to make them stand in from of the different organizations.

Marketing considerations of Cannabis Doctors Australia

The marketing deals with many considerations that help the healthcare organization and the medical science sector for increasing their productivity. The cannabis doctors and the organizations are investing so much to take the attention of the patients. The advertisement of the cannabis treatment provides the market value for the organization. There is the use of advertisements on televisions, posters and by many different methods. The advertisement shows the benefits of this treatment and this helps in attracting the patients towards a particular organization (Lubis et al., 2017). The advertisements also consider many things like what to show and when to show in front of the viewers. These considerations are very much essential as it is considered as the essential factor which helps in gaining the attraction from the viewers.

The considerations must target those people who really need the help of this treatment. The advertisements are mostly done in the tribal areas where the chances of causing the disease are more than the other areas (Khalil, 2018). The advertisement also takes the help of some virtual images of the diseases and the actors are appointed for doing the advertisements. The actors are doing a great job of attracting patients. These things help in increasing the market profitability of the healthcare department as they help to increase the number of patients in a particular organization. Certain guidelines are also mentioned and the advertisements have to consider those points at the time of advertising. The market profits are totally based on these considerations and it is important for the organization to follow the guidelines of the advertisement (Karanges et al., 2018).

Strategies for increasing the market value

The organizations make certain strategies that deal to provide the best outcome for the organization. The strategies contain many things which help in attracting the patients. There are many strategies and some of them are:-

  1. Elimination of the superlatives that are most effective, best or any other which the organization is not able to provide. They use different things by replacing these words.
  2. Elimination of those promises which the organization is not able to provide. If the organization will promise those things and later on it will not provide it then the organization will fall into a deep problem (Johnson, 2017).
  3. Do not show yourself superior and other organizations inferior. If any organization claims that their organization is best then in the future they will surely face some problems.
  4. Follow the proper guidelines made by the healthcare department and medical science.

Recommendations regarding the production

There are some of the recommendations in the use of cannabis that is followed by Cannabis Doctors Australia and the other cannabis user organization for the purpose of treatment. It is very important to follow the recommendations as they can affect the entire marketing strategy if not followed properly (Kumar & Subhasini, 2020). They can produce issues related to these methods of treatment if not followed properly. These issues can take the life of those individuals who are the patients in these organizations where these recommendations are not followed properly. The issues can create a severe problem for the organization and the patient as well. So the recommendations are very much important factors to be followed.

Issues for Cannabis Doctors Australia

The cannabis is the main source of the drug that is why the constitution has taken so much of time in all countries to approve this treatment and the practices by the doctors and scientists with cannabis (Lancaster et al., 2017). The doctors have to do hard work to enforce the lawmakers so that they can approve this method of treatment. The cannabis is used by many drug addicts and there are many illegal suppliers of cannabis present in the Australian as well as in the other country markets. So it is very difficult to track those illegal suppliers among the legal suppliers.

At the time of starting this treatment, the doctors of Australian organizations have to do many things for treating the person with the help of cannabis. The doctors with the help of scientists have done a great job but the issues are just with the practices (Martin & Bonomo, 2016). All organizations are not capable of handling cannabis and that is the reason they are not capable of practicing in this field. It is very difficult to understand the effect of cannabis in a particular patient and doctors are facing many problems regarding this. So the doctors are trying so much to solve the issues and problems regarding the cannabis for the better treatment of the patients through this method (Watts, 2017).

Local issues

It is very hard for doctors to prove to the local people about the use of cannabis treatment as it is a drug and taken by many drug addicts. This becomes a challenge to get the belief of the local people as the treatment goes viral all over the world and the starting is from the local ones (Pakdil et al., 2020). So it is very important that in the starting period of time, the local people show their belief towards this method of treatment. So the doctors have to do a lot of things to increase the belief among the local as well as national level. The local marketing is also very difficult in which the advertisers have to deal with the local organizations in every field. It is very difficult to compete with other organizations and their treatment methods (Ware & Tawfik, 2015). If any kind of fault would occur in the treatment process then the whole organization would have to ready for its effect. This is one of the biggest challenges which is going on in the present society.

International Human Resource Management issues

The human resource management issues include the issues regarding the proper treatment and proper training of the doctors, selection of the capable doctors, proper safety of the patient and many more. These are some of the important factors that are focused on human resource management for the proper maintenance of techniques of the treatment. It is very important to provide safety to the patients and this would only be possible if the treatment method is right.

The doctors must take the proper training before experiment with any new thing with the patient. Now a day it acts as a big issue that the doctors are not trained properly and the patients have to suffer in this case (Oztekin, 2018). This may cost the life of the patient. So human resource management manages these issues and solves these issues globally. As this treatment method is used in a wide range and in almost all the countries so it takes much time to verify all the things of any organization and then give permission to the organization to use these methods among their patients.  

Cannabis is a great way of providing treatment for the needy people. The Cannabis Doctors Australia has provided a great way which deals with the improvement of medical science and marketing strategies. The different organizations from different countries are now adopting these treatment techniques as is discussed in the above paragraphs. The constitutions of different countries are also now helping the doctors and scientists by giving them permission for testing for the search of cannabis in different treatments. The researchers are also done in many countries and the researches is also going on for determining the best possible outcome for diseases like cancer and all. The report has discussed all the important products and services provided by the Cannabis Doctors Australia. The services are very much essential which helps in dealing with the market and results in the increasing profit by the organization and the country s well. The competitive strategies are also discussed in this report which tells about the market competitors of the Cannabis Doctors Australia. The report makes a conclusion and provides a comparison among different organizations as they are trying to do best among themselves. The report is also trying to produce a market entry strategy that deals with the stability of an organization in the competitive market.


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