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Biology is a subject that is difficult as it considers living beings that take a long time to understand and learn. It requires a lot of memorization and understanding and taking notes. It is a field of study which requires learning about organs, the human body, life forms, and other things. It is a branch of science that helps us see things differently. It is a vast field so it requires hard work and attention while learning and summarizing it. This assignment is difficult due to the terminology and difficult concepts it contains.

What are Biology and its importance?

It is a study of living beings and life. It involves studying an organism’s function, growth, structure, distribution, taxonomy, evolution, and other things. It contains all the basic terms such as how life starts, how we consume food, what we do for our survival, genetics, etc. all these concepts provide basic reasons for our survival and existence on earth. Therefore, it is an important field of study. There are following list of fields of biology that are:

  1. Taxonomy.

  2. Virology.

  3. Palaeontology.

  4. Molecular biology

  5. Morphology

  6. Exobiology

  7. Cytology

  8. Cell biology

  9. Botany

  10. Anatomy

  11. Zoology.

  12. Cell biology.

  13. Embryology

  14. Eugenics

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  1. Molecular biology: it deals with molecules that are not to be seen by the naked eye.

  2. Cytology or cellular biology: it studies cell structures and their functions. It defines their different properties, functions, and structures.

  3. Marine biology: it studies those organisms which live in seas, oceans, water bodies, and rivers. 

  4. Developmental biology: it studies how plants and animals grow, develop and die.

  5. Physiology: it deals with the normal functions of organisms.

  6. Genetics: it deals with heredity properties, characteristics, and features of human beings.

How to order?

The process of ordering your assignments is as follows:

1. Giving your orders:

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