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C++ Programming Assignment Help


C++ Programming Assignment Help

C+++ programming is a general-purpose programming language that is mainly used for creating the base of many other programming languages. C+++ programming language is usually derived from C language with some additional concepts. On top of the C language, some additional features like generic programming capabilities and object-oriented programming have been added. C+++ have various advantages and some of the mentioned below:

  1. It can be used for compiling on a variety of platforms.
  2. It is used for handling high-level and low-level activities.
  3. It produces programs that are efficient.
  4. C+++  is a structured language.
  5. C+++  is easy to learn.

C+++ language has a wide range of applications that can be used in the technical industry. C+++ language was initially used for the development of the system and in the source code regarding the operating system. Applications of C+++ are from small plug-ins to cross-platform level solutions.

C+++ popular topics for assignments

  1. STL (Standard Template Library): Vector, List, Set, Deque, Stack, Priority queue, Queue, Map, Multimap, Betset, Algorithm, etc.
  2. Templates.
  3. File handling
  4. Exception handling, try/ catch, user-defined.
  5. Inheritance and polymorphism.
  6. Constructors and destructors.
  7. Classes and objects: Destructor, constructor, structure, static, enumeration, friend function, etc.
  8. Pointers.
  9. Arrays.
  10. Functions.
  11. Decision control and looping statements.

Instant C+++ Assignment help

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