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Structured query language (SQL) is a special-purpose programming language that is specially developed for handling the data in relational database management systems (RDBMS). SQL is the most popular computer languages that is ever used. It is mainly used for creating and managing the most enterprise software systems that are central databases. Many mobile apps and web pages are using SQL for storing everything from your shopping carts to your search history. SQL is a very widely used language and because of this, there are many different systems of this language most notably Microsoft SQL server, Oracle SQL, MySQL and SQL. Taking together these facts means that you are mostly certain about the workings of SQL.

Types of SQL

There are many types of SQL languages and the most widely adopted by enterprises around the globe are:

  1. Transaction control language (TCL)
  2. Data manipulation language (DML)
  3. Data Query Language (DQL)
  4. Data Control Language (DCL)
  5. Data Definition Language (DDL)

Key concepts of the SQL language 

There are many different concepts and topics that are difficult for students while working with SQL:

  1. Transaction in SQL:

It is a unit of work that is using one or more changes that are made to the database. A transaction mainly propagates in a logical order the changes to the database, either automatically or manually by the user by using some sort of program.

  1. Normalization:

It is a database design technique that helps in reducing the dependency and redundancy of data by dividing the data in larger tables into smaller tables and thus linking them using various relationships.

  1. SQL joins:

In SQL, a JOIN operation is used that is combine records from tables in databases in two or more. A JOIN links the data from the two tables by using various values that are common t each other. This operation helps in retrieving the data from the tow or more tables.

  1. Views in SQL:

 views are defined as virtual tables that mainly display the data that is stored in other tables. A view can help in displaying the data all or a few in rows from many tables or a single table. Essentially, a view with SQL query stores it permanently in the database.

  1. Keys in SQL: 

The key is a combination of multiple fields that can be single also in the provided table. It enables the user to select the data from different database tables using only characteristics such as the field name and the database table name. they are also used for establishing relationships with the tables. They also consistency promote by ensuring that the related data appears within the same table. 

Advantages of SQL

SQL is a widely used and efficient computer programming language for communicating databases. Some common advantages of SQL include the following:

  1. Open service: 

Open source, free databases are developed by MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL means that we can use SQL databases at low costs and with the help of a large community.

  1. Standard language:

It is a standardized structured query language that is mainly supported by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that uses it for relational databases. SQL’s lengthy, established, and details documentation has helped in setting is a programming language that is solid.

  1. Portable: 

SQL is a platform that is having independent query language and therefore it can be used in servers, PCs, laptops, etc., and primarily consist of any operating system.

  1. Faster query processing: 

Using the SQL query language, quickly and efficiently the large amounts of data are retrieved therefore functions are performed such as manipulation, deletion, and insertion of data within a matter of seconds.

  1. No coding skills:

For retrieval of data, many lines of code are not needed. Only essential SQL keywords are used such as INSERT INTO, UPDATE, SELECT, and other syntactic rules that are eventually SQL user-friendly language.

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