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Assignment Help for Swinburne University

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Get assistance with Swinburne University Assignment Help

The Swinburne University of Technology began in 1908 and it is often known as the Swinburne. It is a public research university which is located in Melbourne, Australia. It has five campuses across the two countries and it enrolls about 60,000 students in several academic levels. It ranks among the top 400 universities globally and the top 500 according to several universities’ rankings. It also provides an online course by Swinburne Online, which has established in 2011. 

This university values diversity as well as it employs excellent faculty for guiding its students. The university focuses on several fields like the Arts, design, business, engineering, health and more. 

Courses offered by Swinburne University – 

The undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by Swinburne aligned with the needs of the industry like Engineering, business, science, arts, marketing, information technology, and more. 

Examples of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses are as follows :

  1. Graduate certificate in business
  2. Bachelor of Arts 
  3. Bachelor of engineering 
  4. Bachelor of computer science
  5. Graduate certificate in the IT business analysis
  6. Master of Marketing 
  7. Master of professional accounting 
  8. Master of business administration 
  9. Master of Marketing 
  10. Master of science

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