GDECE 104 Assessment Help

Assessment 1 

  • 2000 words Report  (Children’s health and development)
  • Due on week 5, 28th November 2021 by 11.59 pm  

Review empirical evidence of the role of nutrition and exercise in the health and physical development of children in the birth to two age range. What are the educational implications?

  • Role of nutrition    ]– Health And physical Development – Children Birth – 2 years Old
  • Exercise

Discuss Educational implication 🡪

Key words to consider in your report writing to ensure you are on the right track passing your assessment successfully.

  • Importance of nutrition, its requirements
  • Importance of exercise
  • What is wellbeing
  • Physical health and wellbeing          – Children Birth – 2 years Old
  • Malnutrition and obese
  • Arguments for educational implication
  1. to support children
  2. discretionary food and beverages
  3. partnership with families and communities

The following is just a guide for you how you may manage to organize your writing with word tallies and composing, in any case, you don’t have to follow precisely the same. Be adaptable to plan your own scholastic composing structures.

Introduction: 250 words 

  • Brief introduction to what is wellbeing, children’s rights, physical health and wellbeing.  
  • Talk about the importance of nutrition and exercise in brief. 
  • Australian context

Body paragraphs (1600 words) 

Body paragraph 1 (400 words)

  • Introduction to the role of nutrition to physical health and wellbeing within the children age level.
  • Theory and empirical evidence inform perspective in relating to this.
  • Examples.
  • Law and regulation, policies.
  • Explain the theory and empirical evidence ramifications for practice in an early childhood setting. 

Body paragraph 2 (400 words)

  • Same as above example but discuss about healthy eating and types of food.
  • Examples.

Body paragraph 3 (400 words)

  • Same as body paragraph 1 example but discuss the importance of exercise.
  • Examples.

Body paragraph 4 (400 words)

  • Same as body paragraph 1 example but discuss in more depth the educational implication 
  • Examples.

Conclusion 150 words 

Reference List 

Words counting for marking is 2000 words

You will lose 5% if write over 2100 words or less than 1900 words

Reference list does not count into the word count