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In New South Wales and Victoria, a Retail string called Rainbow Illusion does the business merchandise of apparel for ladies. A full-time manager and assistant manager are usually provided the responsibility of taking responsibility for it. Other employees in sectors like sales, accounts are part-time employees who are assigned a salary including a reward based on the value. The company retains money registers including businesses receipts for the report. For any kind of bills amount, this process is suitable to them. Holmes Institute assignment help expert gives the students’ co-operation regarding this plan, i.e. to arrange a report about the entire evaluation method.

Background and System:

For learning the method of the evaluation process, let us begin from spot zero. After any investment, the sales boy approximately preserves employee number, bought item, price, discounts if any, transactions, tax, sales invoice, and eventually the total- the price is given by the consumer. This whole total is recorded a couple of times. One is delivered to the treasurer and the other is saved in the sales copy for future evidence.

After accurately reviewing the invoice, the cashier begins his job. At first, he enters the sale. The invoice is then recorded and a serial number is attached to it or transaction. On the instructed sale, the cashier has to take the amount and he then gets the payment that is settled by cheque. After the entire process is completed, between three copies, one copy is provided to the buyer, another is saved for future evidence and the third one is transferred to the bank card. If any replacement/return is required, a similar method is followed there except in this matter the cashier issues a return bill. 

After the day’s activity is done, the cashier views over all the transactions that happened throughout the entire day and goes over every detail, then arise the role of the assistant manager to whom the cashier has to present all the details including payment record tapes, return slips, and the invoice. Then the assistant manager provides a report based on it for the manager’s survey.

The manager again ultimately goes into the entire report to make the bank deposit. Then the gathered funds during the day have been deposited to the bank and the day’s activity reaches an end.

The ultimate statement also requires to be transmitted to the central data processing department who gives the revenues and enterprise statement to the manager to have a close review of it.

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