Part 1 Discussion Forum Post

Business communication is defined as the method of sharing information between employees within or outside the organization. Effective business communication focus on both management and employees can interact with one another for reaching the goals of organization (Okoro, Washington & Thomas, 2017). The main focus of organization goals is all about improvement of certain organizational practices, keeping the employees informed along with minimization of errors. The point should be noted that effective business communication is found to be important for overall growth and success of individual organization. 

Internal upward business communication is known to be communication which comes from subordinates to manager. Each of the leader can help in flow of information in upward directions. This will help in having a true idea for operation of the organization. Internal upward communication generally comprises of surveys, feedback, report and forms (MacDermott & Ortiz, 2017). All this will be delivered by the employees to the manager or team leaders. Internal upward communication comes up with list of benefits like 

  • All this is condensed and summarized which passes through different levels within hierarchy. It reveals feedback to the extent for extent for effectiveness being used in downward communication. 
  • It reveals management with the viewpoint, attitudes, employee morale and feelings. 
  • This mode of communication can give a complete idea regarding information and exact date for decision-making. 
  • It gives a mean of control. 

Upward communication can get easily get distorted due to the nature of relationship which exists between superior and subordinates. An employee has less chance of getting an information which can create an impact adversely. In addition, he may even give wrong information for impressing the superiors (Okoro, Washington & Thomas, 2017). All this can flow by the help of various media like command chain, personal contacts, attitude and survey of morale, private lines and labor unions. 


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Part 2: Critique one peer post

My friend has revealed that horizontal communication works between either two or more persons where subordinates are nothing but same person. In this mode of communication, people tend to work on same level of the firm and communication is defined as horizontal one (Mladinic, 2018). Communication between the functional manager or among the subordinates who work under the same Boss. This kind of communication between manager of various factories is defined as this specific communication. Horizontal communication be either oral or written one. 

Horizontal communication aims to satisfy the people so that they can understand their own peer without considering the other level within organization. It becomes much more tough for organization for its effective functioning without this kind of horizontal flow of communication (Laužikas & Pranckuvienė, 2019). The fact needs to be concluded formal organization does not this kind of communication flow. This is generally required for coordinating and integrating with organization which comes up with diverse culture. 

Organization horizontal communication does not take for facilitating being left to some individual manager. The points should be noted that peer to peer communication is found to be important for co-ordination (Laužikas & Pranckuvienė, 2019). This can give social need satisfaction. Using this horizontal communication method, business will enhance teamwork and various kind of problem-solving skills (Chen, Liu & Appolloni, 2020). This can be availed by encouraging right flow of messages from people who exists in same level of hierarchy. As soon as the company grows in size, horizontal feeling can unity when the team works towards the similar goal. Some of the essential features of horizontal communication are 

  • Direct supervision. 
  • Acts like Lubricant 
  • Recognition
  • Has a clear understanding 
  • Emergency communication
  • Discipline 
  • Increase in communication. 


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Part 3: Summaries learning

Since the original post, effective communication has changed a lot like business communication is being used for promoting either service and providing information. It is found to be much more helpful for dealing with legal and similar issue. It consists of wide range of topics comprising of advertisement, corporate communication, reputation management and lastly event management. It is important for internal communication for undergoing proper management due to poorly crafted message among employees (Javed & Umar, 2019). I have come across the point that any kind of failure within human communication can be easily amplified within the professional life. Within business transaction which requires involvement of huge amount of money, a minute amount of miscommunication can have huge impact. For this specific reasons, clarity stand out to be an important factor. Communication needs to be consistent, concise and even honest which ensures that message has been received. 

During this course, I have learned that business communication is much important which can be used for knowledge in near future. Some of the possible benefits of business communication are listed below like 

Enhances engagement of employees:  Leadership communication is found to be biggest internal factor which reveals engagement of employees (Khan et al., 2017). Team of internal communication tend to have an important role in supporting and coaching leaders for growing communication importance. 

Helps in eliminating overall of email: Within the organization, email is found to be important for requests, employee communication and feedback(Javed & Umar, 2019). In addition, this can be used for availing status report, task assignment and communication with either supplier and customers. 

Enhances employee productivity: The point should be noted that internal business communication can help in improving job role (Srivastava, 2018). Using the overload information, employee can spend much of their information for search any particular content. 

Complete understanding of peer review can help in development of coherent plan needed for integration of peer review within course. This will again can help in clearing specific instruction which can again student to learn the way of peer review. It will give following benefits like

  • Gives exact feedback based on effective communication 
  • Provides confidence.


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