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Subject Code and Title MIS202 App, Web Design and Development
Assessment UX Prototype Assignment Design and Essay
Individual/Group Individual
Length Prototypes and 1000 (+/-10%) essay
Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful  completion of the task below include: 

  1. a) Examine and apply web-based application architecture b) Propose and communicate solutions using web-based  design to meet organisational needs
Submission Due by 11:55pm AEST Sunday end of Module 2.2
Weighting 30%
Total Marks 100 marks

Task Summary 

In this assessment, you will first read and understand a case study on the development of a website.  You will then be required to complete a number of tasks that help you to understand the functional requirements of the website. You will also be addressing the architecture design of the website and developing a prototype for the website in the case study. 

Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task. 


This assessment examines your ability to identify key users of an information system, as well as how  you understand and articulate their requirements. Understanding and communicating users’  requirements is normally the first step in web development and a correct understanding of the users’  requirementsis crucialto the success of a web development project. You will also apply the knowledge  you learnt about web application architecture to a case study. 

Prototyping is a commonly used and efficient way to elicit and validate users’ requirements. In this  assessment, you will also demonstrate your ability to develop a prototype for a website. 

Task Instructions 

You first need to read the case study attached under this brief in the Assessment section on  Blackboard.

Assessment Tasks 

Refer to the case study to complete the following tasks. 

Task 1 (6%) 

In addition to the flight details listed in the case study, list at least three pieces of information that you expect to see when looking for a flight on such a website and explain why that piece of information is  needed. No word limit requirements. 

Task 2 (9%) 

In addition to the management reports listed in the case study, list at least three other reports that  may assist business decision making. Describe each report and how they can be used to facilitate  business decision making in this case. No word limit requirements. 

Task 3.1 (8%) 

Identify users for the website in the case study. No word limit requirements. 

Task 3.2 (16%) 

Using the information provided in the case study, your common sense and your experience with  similar websites, list at least two functional requirements for each user you identified in the previous  task. Your answer in this task should not exceed 400 words. 

Task 4 (25%) 

Describe the application of the three-layer architecture (presentation layer, business logic layer, and  data persistence layer) for the website in the case study. Give specific examples for each layer. Discuss  the relationship between client-server architecture and three-layer architecture, and answer which  layer(s) of the three-layer architecture is/are on the client side and which on the server side. Your  answer in this task should not exceed 600 words altogether. 

Task 5 (36%) 

Draw a website prototype for the website in the case study. You must NOT use HTML/CSS/JavaScript  to build a website at this stage. You must draw the prototype on sheets of paper. The website  prototype must comprehensively include all the functional requirements described in the case study  as well as the requirements you identified in Task 1 and 2 for each user that was either described in  the case study or identified by you in Task 3.1.

General Assessment Requirement 

Incomprehensible submissions: Assessments provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate  their knowledge and skills to achieve the required standard. To do this, assessment responses need to  be both clear and easy to understand. If not, the University cannot determine that students have  demonstrated their knowledge and skills. Assessments will, therefore, be marked accordingly  including the potential for 0 (zero) marks where relevant.

Case study: Assessment response must focus on the hypothetical case study given in the Task  Instructions. Any assessment itemsthat do not addressthe case study may be awarded 0 (zero) marks

Track changes: If you use Track Changes when writing your assessment, you must ensure that the  submitted document is the final and correct version of the document. That is, if your submitted a  report that contains Track Changes or Comments, or any other editing marks, it may be awarded 0  (zero) marks. It is your responsibility to submit the final and correct version of your report. 

Check against the marking criteria: Before submitting your assessment, you should check it against  the assessment criteria and the marking rubric included in this specification to ensure that you have  satisfactorily addressed all the criteria that will be used to mark your submission. 

Academic language: All submissions should be thoroughly proofread for spelling, typographical or  grammatical errors before being submitted. Do not rely on the ‘spell-check’ function in your word  processing program. If, for example, ‘affect’ is substituted for ‘effect’, your program may not detect  the error. 

Submission Instructions: 

ALL students must submit ONE Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) for Task 1–4 and ONE ZIP  document containing a website prototype via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in  MIS202 App, Web Design and Development. Physical copies/email submissions are not accepted. 

DO NOT Zip the Microsoft Word file: Students must NOT zip the Microsoft Word document and  submit it as one single zip/compressed file. 

Complete and correct submission: Assessments, once submitted, are FINAL and therefore cannot be  modified. The onus is on you to ensure that your submissions are final, correct (correct files in the  correct format) and complete before submitting to Blackboard. 

You are expected to begin this assessment when you begin the trimester, especially as you relate the  learning activities (formative assessment) in the modules to this and the other (summative)  assessments. Be sure to keep several drafts of your work as well as your notes and any sources you  used to draw on when preparing your report. 

Extensions will be considered only in extenuating circumstances when the student has applied before the due date. At that point, students are required to provide the latest draft, in case the extension is  not granted, and to demonstrate they have earnestly done everything to avoid lateness. 

Students are responsible for keeping appropriate back-ups and drafts of their assignments and to  submit the correct version. 

Torrens University Australia’s policies apply to the preparation and submission of this assignment.

Assessment Attributes Fail (Yet to achieve minimum standard) 0-49% Pass(Functional)50-64% Credit(Proficient)65-74%
Task 1 (6%) 

List three pieces of information for  the website (3 marks) 

Explain the relevance for each piece  of information (3 marks)

Task 2 (9%) 

List three other reports that may  assist business decision making (3  


Provide a detailed description for  each report (3 marks) 

Explain how the report can be used  for business decision-making. (3  


Task 3.1 (8%) 

Identify at least four users for the  website (8 marks)

Task 3.2 (16%) 

For each user, list two functional  

requirements. These must be:

  • clearly described, 
  • specific and 
  • verifiable (16 marks)
Task 4 (25%) 

Describe the application of three layer architecture to the website  

with specific examples. 

Discuss the relationship between  client-server architecture and three layer architecture. 

Correctly identify which layer(s) of  the three-layer architecture is/are  

on the client side and which on the  

server side.

The writing demonstrateslimited or no understanding of three-layer and client server architecture. The writing demonstrates functional understanding of three-layer and client server architecture.
The writing  

demonstrates sound  understanding of  

three-layer and client server architecture.

Task 5 (36%) 

Develop a website prototype for the  website 

  • The prototype is complete, that  

is, it demonstrates all major  

functional requirement for all  

users of the website. 

  • The prototype is reflective of the  case, that is, all the functions  

demonstrated in the prototype 

are relevant to the case study.

Many major functional requirements are not demonstrated in the prototype. Many demonstrated features are not relevant to the case study. Some of the major functional requirements are demonstrated in the prototype. Some of the demonstrated features are relevant to the case study. A substantial number of major functional requirements are demonstrated in the prototype. A substantial number of demonstrated features are relevant to the case study.