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According to me, there are significant response areas of PMBoK which are affected due to the PM life cycle. The current state shall discuss the alignment of the PMBoK across the project management. I feel that PMBoK faces significant effects when the project alignment is not effective enough and thus there are certain areas that might get affected. This might include project scope management, project risk management, communication management, and quality management. It is important that the project manager must consider the alignment of the project management lifecycle with the PMBoK in a valid manner (Meng & Boyd, 2017). As per the alignment, the manager shall ensure seamless execution of the activities in the context of project management. Thus, in some situations wherein the project manager fails and aligns the PMBoK as well as the lifecycle, the activities within the project cannot be initiated. The project management lifecycle exhibits in five phases which include initiation, planning, execution, monitor and control as well as the closure of the process (Haass& Azizi, 2019).  With this, the project manager can successfully implement the activities within the project management. However, it can be stated that prior to the implementation of the project management lifecycle, it is necessary that the project manager must consider and comprehend the areas of PMBoK and thereby establish the alignment. It can be stated that it would help in further strengthening the project management activities and the likelihood of such risks in managerial practices can be avoided.

Apart from this, I have further observed that when there is a misalignment of the project management lifecycle across the lifestyle, then there would be a lack of appropriate decision-making within the project management process. It has been found that the scope and quality management for the project can get corrupted and in case the sustainable decision is not made, there are chances of development of risks. Thus, in this process risk, procurement, as well as the entire communication, might get corrupted.

As far as the alignment of the PMO lifecycle as well as the PMBoK is concerned, it is highly crucial for the business and it is the role of the project manager who ensures the success alignment. There are three key strategies by which the current objective of the project can be identified. With this, the project manager can further select the relevant PMBoK as well as the project management. Thus, the first key strategies revolve around analyzing and evaluating the needs of the project which would help in creating the alignment across the project management as well as the PMBoK (Paton & Andrew, 2019). The strategy must be conducted based on t objectives as well as the aims of the current project. Apart from this, the second strategy is based on personal monitoring of the project activities. This can result in creating adverse impacts and thus, there is a need for effective monitoring. This would ensure that the employees are incident to the PM lifecycle and PMBoK. The third approach focuses on the creation of the appropriate management policy that illustrates the needs of the team member for aligning PMBoK as well as the project management lifecycle across the varied projects. Thus, the presence of assistance from project management policy shall ensure its alignment prior to the project initiation. The likelihood of the risks for the project management can be avoided by the management and shall ensure seamless completion of the project.

Critique of other’s work

I totally agree with the ways of delivering the opening regarding the project amendment lifecycle as well as the PMBoK. The alignment of the project management with the project objectives is a necessary requirement which needs to be met by the project manager. This ensures the ways of keeping the project manager to take appropriate decisions across the project. The project management life cycle is considered as a necessary methodology which must be further accepted by the team members. This shall further take into consideration knowledge areas and further interact with the PMBoK application across the project. Herein, the project manager shall be identifying the team members that do not consider the PMBoK as well as the PM lifecycle, then the required action shall be opted for them.

It has been found that under some cases, if the team member fails in getting the basic understanding of the PMBoK activities as well as the PM life cycle, then appropriate actions are taken against them. Herein the tea members fail in understanding the PMBoK activities and Project management lifecycle. The project work is fundamental in driving the alignment and the phases of the project shall be sequential and approval of the key deliverables. It has been found that project risks are highest and shall result in decreasing the project progress. The key strategy considered for better alignment focuses on caressing the disciples across the project managers that are completely focused o project for the effective implementation of change and ensure meet up of ROI thresholds.


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