Faculty of Business and Law (BMBA5006)Assessment 1

Faculty of Business and Law Assignment Brief


Module Title

Entrepreneurship Project

Assignment Number


Module Code


Assignment Title

Project Report

Module Leader

Dr Simon Hill

Assignment Weighting

80 %


Assignment Release Date:

17th June 2024

Submission Date/Time:

20th September 2024 @ 12:00pm BST

Criteria for Assessment – How you will be marked

Executive Summary (10%)

This section briefly outlines the overview of the entrepreneurship project-including objectives, problems and opportunity statement, market/industry summary, competitors’ summary, funding and future considerations.


The Problem statement and Analysis (10%)

The section should outline the problem and opportunity landscape, problem that the venture seeks to solve, the existing landscape solutions and stakeholder mapping.


Solution (20%)

This section should contain the innovative idea or technology proposed, the business model for the product/service delivery, market analysis and segment structure, analysis of one, three- and five-year customer base, SWOT, pricing model, competitor analysis, PESTLE and intellectual property.


Marketing & Operations (10%)

This section needs to detail the marketing approach of the business, considering models such as the 7P’s, amongst others. The operational element needs to detail the internal processes of the business from seeking the customer out to manufacture, delivery and after-sales.


Financials (10%)

This section should include; initial funding, reflections on how capital is raised, i.e. use of crowdfunding, accelerations/incubators/venture capital, financial analysis, cash flow (12 months minimum), schedule for investors returns.


Skills Requirements (10%)

Includes analysis of skills requirements, functional skills and management skills-allocation of human capital resources


Conclusion and Recommendation (10%)

Conclusions – which should draw conclusions arising from the project evaluation, evaluate project viability. Recommendations – focusing on future actions for potential investors, future research required, growth scenarios; three and five years.


Style and Presentation (10%)

Spelling, grammar, presentation, formatting etc Logo, images, draft websites, mind-maps, etc


Reference and Appendices (10%)

References (DMU Harvard style), 3+ tutor meeting record forms, research ethics approval, tables, graphs, relevant data not used elsewhere in the draft.

(BMBA5006)Assessment 1


How to Submit your Assessment


The assessment must be submitted by 20th September 2024 @ 12:00pm BST. No paper copies are required. You can access the submission link through the module web.


  • Your coursework will be given a zero mark if you do not submit a copy through Turnitin. Please take care to ensure that you have fully submitted your work.

  • Please ensure that you have submitted your work using the correct file format, unreadable files will receive a mark of zero. The Faculty accepts Microsoft Office and PDF documents, unless otherwise advised by the module leader

  • All work submitted after the submission deadline without a valid and approved reason will be subject to the University regulations on late submissions.

    • If an assessment is submitted up to 14 days late the mark for the work will be capped at the pass mark of 40 per cent for undergraduate modules or 50 per cent for postgraduate modules

    • If an assessment is submitted beyond 14 calendar days late the work will receive a mark of zero per cent

    • The above applies to a student’s first attempt at the assessment. If work submitted as a reassessment of a previously failed assessment task is submitted later than the deadline the work will immediately be given a mark of zero per cent

    • If an assessment which is marked as pass/fail rather than given a percentage mark is submitted later than the deadline, the work will immediately be marked as a failThe University wants you to do your best. However, we know that sometimes events happen


Academic Integrity and Generative AI Use 

In submitting a piece of work for assessment it is essential that you understand the University’s requirements for maintaining academic integrity and ensure that the work does not contravene University regulations. Some examples of behaviour that would not be considered acceptable include plagiarism, re-use of previously assessed work, collusion with others and purchasing your assignment from a third party. For more information on academic offences, bad academic practice, and academic penalties, please read chapter four of our academic regulations.

Generative AI tools cannot be used for this assessment. You must not use generative artificial intelligence (AI) to generate any materials or content in relation to your assessment.