Internet and Web Development (ICT 502) Assessment 2 Assessment Help

Timelines and important information 

Percentage value of Task: 30%  

2000-word report + Coding + 10 min recorded presentation 


Sunday, Week 7. Submitting your work late will attract a 10% reduction of mark for each day beyond the due date. A delay of more than 5 days will result in being granted a 0.  


Website Design and Development 

– Create a responsive website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

– Implement animations that activate when users scroll through the content. – Include a form for calculating a measure. 

– Implement a contact form that allows users to send emails directly from the website. 


Business: Your team has been tasked with designing a website for one of the business listed  according to your group number; if you are in group N, you must choose scenario N. For  example, Group 10 must choose Scenario 10. If you work on a different scenario, your  assignment will not be marked. 

Comprehensive Design and Content: Make your website comprehensive by paying attention  to both design and content. Ensure that the content is relevant, engaging, and visually  appealing. 

Report Submission: Each group should submit a report based on their website design. The  report should include a discussion of the code you have written and any challenges faced  during development. 

Project Publishing: Publish your website on a free hosting platform of your choice to make it  accessible online.

List of Businesses 

1. Healthcare Clinic: Design a website for a local clinic, featuring a BMI calculator for patients to  gauge their health status and a contact form for appointment requests. 

2. Fitness Center: Create a gym website with a calorie burn calculator based on workout intensity  and duration, plus a form for membership inquiries. 

3. Culinary School: Develop a site for a culinary institute, including a recipe calorie calculator and  a form for course enrollment questions. 

4. Eco-Friendly Product Store: Design an e-commerce site for eco-friendly products, featuring a  carbon footprint calculator based on product use and a customer service contact form. 

5. Financial Advisory Service: Create a website for financial advising, with loan and interest  calculators, plus a form for booking free initial consultations. 

6. Educational Institution: Develop a site for a college or university, including a tuition fee  calculator and an inquiry form for prospective students. 

7. Travel Agency: Design a travel agency’s website, featuring a trip cost calculator and a contact  form for custom travel inquiries. 

8. Event Planning Service: Create a website for event planning, with a budget calculator for  various types of events and a contact form for booking consultations. 

9. Real Estate Agency: Develop a site for a real estate agency, including a mortgage calculator  and a form for property viewing requests. 

10. Software Development Firm: Design a website for a software firm, featuring a project cost  estimator and a form for potential clients to request quotes. 

11. Pet Adoption Center: Create a website for a pet adoption service, including a care cost  calculator for different types of pets and a form for adoption inquiries. 

12. Landscaping Company: Design a website for landscaping services, with a project cost estimator  based on yard size and design options, plus a contact form for service inquiries. 

13. Home Renovation Firm: Develop a site for a home renovation company, featuring a renovation  cost calculator and a form for scheduling consultations. 

14. Art Gallery: Create a website for an art gallery, including a form for artists to submit their work  for consideration and a contact form for visitor inquiries. 

15. Community Sports League: Design a site for a community sports league, including a  registration fee calculator based on sport and age group, and a form for joining inquiries.

General Assessment Requirement 

Incomprehensible submissions 

Assessments provide the opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to achieve the required standard. To do this, assessment responses need to be both clear and easy to understand. If not, SISTC cannot determine thatstudents have demonstrated their knowledge and skills. Assessments will, therefore, be marked accordingly including the potential for 0 (zero) marks where relevant. 

Check with marking rubric 

Before submitting your assessment, you should check it against the assessment criteria and the marking rubric included in this specification to ensure that you have satisfactorily addressed all the criteria that will be used to mark your submission. 


Feedback will be supplied through Moodle. Authoritative results will be published on Moodle. 

Academic Misconduct 

To submit your assessment task, you must indicate that you have read and understood, and comply with, the Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce Academic Integrity and Student Plagiarism policies and procedures.You must also agree that your work has not been outsourced and is entirely your own except where work quoted is duly acknowledged.  Additionally, you must agree that your work has not been submitted for assessment in any other course or program. 


Marking Rubric:


Excellent (90-100%) 

Good (70-89%) 

Satisfactory (50-69%) 

Needs Improvement  (0-49%)

Website Design and  Development


Responsive Design  

(HTML/CSS/JavaScript) (10 points)

Website is fully  

responsive, functions  flawlessly, and adapts  seamlessly to all screen  sizes.

Website is  

responsive, functions  well on various  

screens, and adapts  effectively to  

different devices.

Website is somewhat  

responsive but may have  minor issues on certain  screen sizes.

Website is not  

responsive or has  

significant issues on  multiple devices.

Animations When  


(10 points)

Incorporates engaging  and smooth animations  that enhance the user  experience.

Includes animations  when scrolling that  add value to the  


Includes some animations  when scrolling, but they  may not be as polished or  effective.

Lacks or poorly  


animations when  


Calculation Form 

(5 points)

Includes a functional  and user-friendly form  for calculating a  

measure (e.g., BMI)  

with accurate results.

Includes a calculation  form that functions  correctly but may lack  some user-friendly  elements.

Includes a calculation form  with basic functionality but  may have usability issues.

Calculation form is  incomplete,  

inaccurate, or non 


Email Form 

(5 points)

Implements a fully  

functional contact form  that allows users to  

send emails directly  

from the website.

Includes a contact  

form that functions  properly but may lack  some features or  


Implements a contact form  with basic functionality but  may have usability issues.

Contact form is  


inaccurate, or non