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A 1000-word review of the research critical appraisal tools. Things to consider:  

Identify the different appraisal tools 

Definition of appraisal tools 

Why do we appraise  

When do we use these tools? 

Deadline: 9th November 2023

Summative Assessment 

Component 1 – A 8000-word critical review of the research

process using an appropriate critical appraisal tool. 

Assignment draft Submission Deadline: 14 December 2023 

Deadline : 11 January 2024 

Maria Caudle: 

Note: Turnitin opens 2 weeks before deadline

Assignment Structure – 8000 words +/-10%

Cover Page 

Content page 

Introduction and background of the Research process and appraisal tools  (Body ) 

Critical appraisal tool for the identification of the problem/ research  question (Advantages and disadvantages of selected appraisal tool) Critical appraisal tool of the methodology (qualitative or quantitative) Data collection (primary or secondary) 

Data Analysis (Highlighting the appropriateness of data collection and  analysis. 

Highlight the implications and limitations of selected appraisal tool(s) to  show validity, reliability and applicability of the tool in Healthcare research  Identify the suitability/relevance of research results/findings. Conclusion  

Conclusion and Recommendation

Calclusion and  recommendations

Identify the  

problem/ select  





process steps

Results and 


Research design  (Data collection  and Data analysis) 


Use : BPP School of Nursing Harvard Reference style: 

What needs to be referenced? 

• Facts (which are not common knowledge) 

• Sources of data 

• A direct quote from a source 

• Someone else’s ideas or opinions 

Referencing terms explained 

Citation is the in-text reference to your source. 

• Your reference list is the list of references you have cited in your written work.  Each reference in this list gives the full details of the source and enables others to find it.