Penetration Testing Assessment-2 (TECH5100) Assignment Help

Subject Code: 


Subject Name: 

Penetration Testing

Assessment Title: 

Cyber Attack Analysis and Mitigation Report

Assessment Type: 

Individual Analytical Report

Word Count: 

1500 Words (+/-10%)


30 %

Total Marks: 




Due Date: 

Week 8

Your Task 

This assessment is to be completed individually. In this assessment, you will conduct individual research  and produce an incident analysis report for any two cybersecurity incidents that might have happened to  an organisation based on a case study scenario below.

Assessment Description 

In this assessment: 

You will research cyber security incidents and document different observable attack  techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs), their impact on the organisation, and potential  risks associated with these attacks based on the scenario below. 

You are to provide a critical analysis of each attack phase, detailing vulnerabilities and entry  points exploited by attackers for any incident. 

The objective of this assessment is to help you develop research skills and the ability to assess and  analyse various cybersecurity incidents, and threats. You are then required to recommend  countermeasures based on the content covered during Weeks 4 to 7 using a real-world scenario  focusing on:  

1. Social Engineering Assessment 

a. Analyse the different social engineering methods that could have been used in the  recent incident above to gain unauthorised access. 

b. Investigate and document how the social engineering tactics used affected the  organisation’s security posture. 

2. Scanning and Enumeration Analysis 

a. Explore the different ways that the intruders could have used to conduct scanning and  enumeration to identify potential vulnerabilities within the organisation network. b. Identify any weaknesses that the intruders could have exploited through the scanning  and enumeration phases. 

3. Network Exploitation and Post-Exploitation Assessment 

a. Investigate the different methods that the intruders may have used to exploit  vulnerabilities in the network, gain unauthorised access, and pivot into sensitive areas. b. Analyse how the post-exploitation activities such as privilege escalation or data  exfiltration may have been done. 

4. Active Directory Attack Evaluation 

a. Highlight the impact that may have been witnessed because of Active Directory  attacks on the organisation’s infrastructure and user accounts. 

b. Explain how the attackers may have gained control or manipulated the directory  services. 


As a newly employed cybersecurity consultant, you are presented with an incident involving a  medium-sized organisation. The organisation recently experienced a series of cyber incidents, and  your task is to conduct a comprehensive incident analysis and propose defence strategies against  various cyber-attack techniques that have impacted it. 

The organisation runs an extensive network infrastructure comprising hospital patient databases,  medical records, and administrative systems. The recent cyber incidents have caused disruptions in  service, potential data breaches, and concerns about the integrity of patient information.

Assessment Practical Business Purpose 

The incident analysis report you will generate in this assessment will equip you with the skills  needed to assess, understand, analyse, and mitigate specific cybersecurity threats, which is  essential for organisations aiming to strengthen their security posture. 

Assessment Targeted Audience 

This assessment is useful to different organisations and people including Security analysts,  IT administrators, and organisations looking to enhance their security posture. Finishing this assessment will equip you with confidence to contribute knowledge about  cybersecurity incidents, threats and countermeasures for different roles in different  organisations. 

This assessment aims to achieve the following subject learning outcomes:


Evaluate appropriate countermeasures to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access, hacks  and exploits to systems, networks, and applications.


Investigate cyber-attack techniques on computer systems, networks, and web applications.


Evaluate existing defensive security measures.


Assessment Instructions 

Assessment instructions for this assessment: 

1. Individually, you are required to analyse two cyber security incidents and the threat’s potential  impact on the organisation’s systems, networks, and applications. 

2. Conduct external research that will give you at least five (5) sources of information from various  sources. E.g., websites, social media sites, industry reports, census data, journal articles, and  newspaper articles 

a) ChatGPT or other generative AI tools may be used for brainstorming purposes, but your  conversation must be attached to your report in an appendix to show the brainstorming  process. Any copying and pasting of AI text is a form of plagiarism and will be detected by  Turnitin. 

b) You can use any referencing style of your choice, but KBS’s Academic Success Centre team  can support you in using Kaplan Harvard Referencing.  

3. Suggest a range of defensive security measures to prevent exploitation, enhance network  monitoring and segmentation, and implement secure Active Directory configurations. 4. Finally, prepare a detailed and professional incident analysis report outlining the analysis of each  incident technique and recommended countermeasures or proposed defensive strategies. 5. Present findings in a structured and clear format suitable for organisational stakeholders. 

Additional tips 

You must use clear and concise language to communicate your ideas effectively.  Follow a professional report format with a cover page, table of contents, headings for  sections, page numbers, and reference section following any professional and consistent  styling. 

You must submit your report in Word or PDF format via MyKBS. 

Refer to the assessment marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment  criteria.


Important Study Information 

Academic Integrity Policy 

KBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequences of  cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and Conduct Policy. 

What is academic integrity and misconduct? 

What are the penalties for academic misconduct? 

What are the late penalties? 

How can I appeal my grade? 

Word Limits for Written Assessments 

Submissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the point at  which that limit is exceeded. 

Study Assistance 

Students may seek study assistance from their local Academic Learning Advisor or refer to the  resources on the MyKBS Academic Success Centre page. Click here for this information.


Assessment Marking Guide

Marking Criteria 

F (Fail) 

P (Pass) 

C (Credit) 

D (Distinction) 

HD (High Distinction)  

_____| 30 marks 

0 – 49% 

50 – 64% 

65 – 74% 

75 – 84% 

85 – 100%

Introduction to  

incident analysis. 

_____| 5 marks

Lacks clear  

understanding and  

Introduction to  

cybersecurity incident  analysis. 

Demonstrates a basic  understanding and  

introduction of the  

specific type of cyber  threat chosen but  

misses or misinterprets  some key concepts. 

Demonstrates a good  understanding and  

introduction of  

cybersecurity incident  analysis. 

Demonstrates a deep  understanding and  

thorough coverage of  the introduction of  

cybersecurity incident  analysis. 

Demonstrates an  


understanding and  

introduction of the  

specific type of  

cybersecurity incident  analysis and offers  

unique insights into the  topic.

Discussion of two  different cyber– 

Incidents Identified  highlighting Attack  techniques, tactics,  and procedures  

(TTPs), that might  have been used with  clarity throughout  with the help of  

Diagrams, Charts, or  Visuals. 

_____| 5 marks

Lacks discussion and  evidence of the  

cybersecurity incidents  including the Attack  techniques, tactics, and  procedures (TTPs) with  no clarity or the use of  Diagrams, Charts, or  Visuals.

It has a basic  

discussion and  

evidence of the  

cybersecurity incidents  including Attack  

techniques, tactics, and  procedures (TTPs) of  the chosen threats but  lacks flow or clarity and  the use of the use of  Diagrams, Charts, or  Visuals. 

Well-organised with a  clear discussion and  evidence of the  

cybersecurity incidents,  including techniques,  tactics, and procedures  (TTPs) with a good flow  or clarity and the use of  Diagrams, Charts, or  Visuals. 

Strong discussion of  evidence and the  

cybersecurity incidents  Attack techniques,  

tactics, and procedures  (TTPs) with great flow  or clarity.


discussion of evidence  and the cybersecurity  incidents Attack  

techniques, tactics, and  procedures (TTPs),  well-organised with  excellent flow or clarity.

Using Examples  

explain the Potential  Vulnerabilities that  might have been  

exploited for the two 

Does not provide or  inaccurately provides  examples that explain  the Potential  

Vulnerabilities that  

might have been 

Provides minimal or  generic examples that  explain the Potential  Vulnerabilities that  

might have been  


Offers relevant and  clear examples that  explain the Potential  Vulnerabilities that  might have been  exploited.

Provides detailed and  highly relevant  

examples that explain  the Potential  

Vulnerabilities that  

might have been 

Integrates unique,  

insightful, and highly  relevant examples that  explain the Potential  Vulnerabilities that  

might have been 


_____| 5 marks





Explaining how the  incident might have  impacted the  


Systems, Networks,  and Applications.  

_____| 5 marks

Lacks an explanation of  the incident’s Potential  Impact on an  


Systems, Networks,  and Applications.

Contains a basic  

explanation of the  

incident’s Potential  

Impact on an  


Systems, Networks,  and Applications.

Contains a relevant  well-researched  

explanation of the  

incident’s Potential  

Impact on an  


Systems, Networks,  and Applications to  support the text.

Contains a detailed  explanation of the  

incident’s Potential  

Impact on an  


Systems, Networks,  and Applications.

Seamlessly integrates  top-quality, original, or  uniquely insightful  

explanations of the  incident’s Potential  

Impact on an  


Systems, Networks,  and Applications.


Countermeasures or  defensive strategies  discussion. 

_____| 2.5 marks

Lacks evidence of well researched  



Contains a basic  

discussion of the  



Contains evidence of  relevant discussion of  the recommended  


Contains a detailed  discussion and  

evidence of the  



Seamlessly integrates  top-quality, original, or  uniquely insightful  

discussion evidence of  the recommended  


Conclusion, or key  takeaways.  

_____| 2.5 marks

Lacks conclusion, or  key takeaways related  to the cybersecurity  incidents 

Has a basic conclusion,  or key takeaways of the  cybersecurity incidents  with some errors. 

contains well-structured  conclusions, or key  takeaways related to  the cybersecurity  


Almost perfect  

conclusion, or key  

takeaways related to  cybersecurity incidents. 

Impeccable conclusion,  or key takeaways  

related to the  

cybersecurity incidents.

Format Structure &  Organisation (cover  page, table of  

contents, headings  for sections,  

subsections, and 

Lacks clear structure,  professional  

organisation, and easy to-follow headings for  different sections.

It has a basic structure  and professional  

organisation but lacking  in flow, headings for  different sections as  well as grammar, and  spelling.

Well-organised with a  clear structure and  


organisation, easy-to follow headings for  

different sections,  

grammar, and spelling.

Strong structure and  professional  

organisation with great  flow, headings for  

different sections, and  good grammar, and  spelling.


professional-organised  structure, seamlessly  leading the Learner  through the content  with great headings for  different sections, good 

page numbers)  

_____| 2.5 marks


grammar, and spelling.

Citation &  


_____| 2.5 marks

Lacks citations or has  many errors in  


Has basic citations with  some errors. 

Mostly accurate  

citations with a  

consistent style. 

Almost perfect citations  and references with a  consistent style. 

Impeccable citation and  referencing, strictly  

adhering to a consistent  style. 

Feedback and grades will be released via MyKBS