Project Portfolio and Project Management (MPMG405) Assignment Help

MPMG 405 Project Portfolio and Project  


Assessment Overview


AT1 Individual Portfolio Proposal 


Total 25

Due Date 

11.55pm Friday, Week 5

Word limit 

2500 words

Submission method 

PDF file (.pdf) or Word (.doc), Via the Turnitin  dropbox on eLearning

Other requirements

o Use 12 pt font 

o Double-space your document to allow room  for feedback 

o State your student’s name, student number  in the document header 

o State the word count in the document  


o Include a bibliography 

o Comply with the APA referencing style

Assessment Details

▪ For this assessment, you are required to prepare and submit a Portfolio Management  proposal of 2500 words to the organisation chosen by your lecturer. The proposal  consists in a critical analysis of the portfolio of the organisation and clearly indicates how the organisation can balance their Portfolio to achieve the organisation strategic  objectives.  

▪ You are required to substantiate the analysis of your selected case with relevant  literature and explanation.  

▪ Through the Portfolio Management Proposal students demonstrate an understanding  of Portfolio Management, including Project Prioritisation, Resource allocation, and  Risk Management.  

▪ The Individual Portfolio Proposal should be structured into the following sections: Structure of the Assessment 

Cover Page 

Executive Summary 


Table of Content 

Introduction and Organisation Background  

▫ Briefly introduce the purpose of the Portfolio. 

▫ Provide context and align with organisational strategy  

▫ Provide a roadmap of the sections covered in the report. 

Portfolio Structure and Components  

▫ Clearly outline the Portfolio’s Structure, including the types of components (programs  and projects) included. Describe the governance framework, roles, and  


Strategic Alignment 

▫ Describe how the Portfolio aligns with the Organisational Strategy 

▫ Identify how the portfolio supports business objectives 

Stakeholder Analysis 

▫ Identify key stakeholders and their interests or impacts on the portfolio  

▫ Describe strategies for stakeholder engagement and communication  

Risk Management Plan 

▫ Identify potential risks within the portfolio. Provide strategies for risk mitigation and  management.  

Resource Management Plan  

▫ Detail the approach for managing resources across the portfolio. Describe how  resources will be allocated to maximise portfolio value.  

Performance Measurement and Monitoring 

▫ Describe the metrics and processes used to monitor and measure portfolio performance.  Identify how performance data will be used for decision-making 

Change Management Process 

▫ Outline the process for managing changes within the portfolio. Describe how changes will  be accessed, approved, and implemented.  

Extension and Realization Strategy 

▫ Explain how the Portfolio will evolve over time. Describe strategies for realising benefits  and capturing value from the portfolio. 


▫ Summarise the key findings of your analysis. 

▫ Highlight the potential impact of the Portfolio  

Reference list

Marking Criteria 

▪ Refer to marking rubric below

What if I Miss the Assessment?

▪ You must complete the AT1 on the due date and time.  

▪ Late submissions: You may be penalised for failing to submit an assessment task on  time. If you do not have authorisation, you may be penalised five (5) percent of  awarded marks per day for up to five (5) days; thereafter your submission may not be  accepted, and you may be awarded zero marks.  

▪ If you miss the AT1 ONLY for following reasons, you may apply for special  consideration: 

▪ acute illness or 

▪ loss or bereavement or  

▪ hardship/trauma or  

▪ technological problems which could not be anticipated or avoided 


▪ To apply for special consideration, fill the following form and attach evidence to  support your reason for seeking special consideration (with 5 days of the due date).  o Special Consideration Application Form Link 

▪ If your reason is invalid, if you do not provide evidence, or your application is not  made within 5 days of due date your application will be rejected, and you will lose  10 marks for this course. 

Can I Use Generative Artificial Intelligence for this Assessment?

You may use generative AI tools such as ChatGPT or Microsoft Co Pilot ONLY to research  and brainstorm ideas and approaches for completing your essay. Please make sure to  properly acknowledge any use of generative AI using CIM APA Referencing Guide.


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Rubric for AT1 Individual Portfolio Proposal 


HD (85-100%) 

D (75-84%) 

C (65-74%) 

P (50-64%) 

F (0-49%)

Application of portfolio  

management principles to  

practice (10 marks)

Best portfolio management  

practices are logically and  

expertly incorporated in the  

specific context of the case. 

Best portfolio management  

practices are logically and  

adequately incorporated. Almost  all recommendations are suitable  for the specific context of the  case.

Portfolio management practices  are usually logical and  

appropriately applied. Some  aspects of the application are not  accurate or suitable for the  

specific context of the case.

The application of portfolio  

management practices is  

sometimes logical; however,  some elements are inaccurate or  not adequately incorporated. 

No use of portfolio management  principles and relevant best  

practices. Poor or no inclusion of  content or ideas relevant to the  specific context of the case. 

Critical thinking and synthesis of  case information and referencing  (10 marks)

Insightful coverage of all required  tasks with an excellent  

demonstration of critical thinking  and analytical ability. The  

analysis shows an expert use of  relevant and recent sources of  evidence correctly referenced according to APA 7th style to  support the analysis presented.

Very good understanding of  portfolio management. Response  covers all required tasks with the  demonstration of critical thinking  ability. The analysis shows a  skillful use of relevant and recent  sources of evidence correctly  referenced according to APA 7th style to support the analysis  presented. 

Good understanding of portfolio  management and response  

covers all required tasks. The analysis shows a generally good  use of relevant sources of  

evidence referenced according to  APA 7th style to support the  

analysis presented, with some  inconsistencies or errors. 

Generic responses to some  

required tasks. The analysis  shows limited skills in the use of  sources of evidence or a scant  use of sources of evidence 

referenced according to APA 7th supporting the analysis presented with many errors. 

The response does not cover most of the required tasks or is  too descriptive and generalised. The analysis shows limited use of  sources of evidence supporting  the analysis presented, with  sources used not referenced  according to APA 7th.

Communication: Clarity of  

exposition and written  

communication skills (5 marks)

The purpose of the writing is  clear, and there is strong  

evidence of attention to the case’s  details and consistent messaging. There are no errors in spelling,  grammar, and punctuation. 

The purpose of the writing is  clear, and there is good evidence  of attention to the details of the  case and mostly consistent  

messaging. There are or may be  few errors in spelling, grammar,  and punctuation

The purpose of writing is clear,  with enough evidence of attention  to the case’s details. There are  some errors in spelling, grammar,  and punctuation.

The purpose of writing is not  entirely clear, with limited  

attention paid to the case’s  

details. There are many errors in  spelling, grammar, and  


The purpose of writing is unclear,  and there is minimal attention to  the case’s details. There are too  many errors in spelling, grammar  and punctuation.