Do You Need PUBH6000 Social, Behavioural and Cultural Factors in Public Health Assignment Help ??

Subject Code and Title PUBH6000: Social, Behavioural and Cultural Factors in Public Health
Assessment Reflective Journal and Presentation
Individual/Group Individual
Length Part A: Reflective Journal (500 words)  

Part B: Reflective Presentation 3-minutes  


Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion  of the task below include: 

  1. a) Critically examine principles of public health, and  interpret the stakeholders’ rolesin addressing health  inequalities and inequities 
  2. b) Critically analyse the impact of potential social  determinants on the health outcomes of different  


  1. c) Critically analyse health outcomesin disadvantaged  populations 
  2. d) Explore and apply conceptual frameworks/modelsinto  public health practice
Submission (12-week  


Part A: Due Sunday of Week 5 at 11:55pm (AEST/AEDT)  Part B: Presentation in class in week 12
Submission (6-week  


Part A: Due Sunday of Week 3 at 11:55pm (AEST/AEDT)  Part B: Presentation in class in week 6
Weighting Part A: 10% 

Part B: 20%

Total Marks 100 marks


This subject primarily focuses on the principles and practice of public health and the impact of social  determinants of health on population health outcomes. To improve the health outcomes of the  specific population group, public health practitioners must be self-aware by regularly reflecting on the knowledge learned, their experiences, and feedback from their peers. 

This reflective journal assessment has been designed to develop cognitive and critical thinking skills,  essential for a public health career. The assessment allows you to broaden your understanding of each topic by engaging in academic discourse while developing your skills to reflect on public health  principles and providing the evidence to support your arguments. 

Task Summary 

To complete this assessment, you need to maintain a weekly journal that records your learning experience  in the first four weeks. By the end of week four, you will submit a reflective journal, consolidating the  knowledge learned of the principles of public health. In week 12, you will participate in a 3-minutes presentation to demonstrate the application of potential solutions to health outcomes based on the  principles of public health and the knowledge learned from weeks 5 to 11.  

Assessment 1 consists of two parts: 

  1. Part A:reflective journal(500 words) 
  2. Part B: 3-minutes presentation in class 


Part A: Reflective Journal  

During the first four weeks of this subject, you will learn about the essential principles of public health.  You must keep a personal journal to reflect on the content learned using your own words and considering  the following propositions:  

o Week 1: How has ethics’ relevance, evolution, and application in public health practice changed  over time? Why is this significant to understand as a public health professional?  

o Week 2: The role of inequalities and inequities in the unequal distribution of health outcomes  across populations and why empowerment is an essential public health tool. 

o Week 3:Reflect on the importance of the factors and health determinants that influence the  health and well-being of individuals and communities (e.g. accessibility to education,  

employment, nutrition, transportation, healthcare, etc.) 

o Week 4: Consider the relevance of the following principles and how they affect different  population groups: Social inclusion, social capital, human rights protection and social justice. 

By week 5, you will submit a 500-word reflective journal, combining your learning experience in the  previous weeks (weekly journal) and adding evidence to support your opinion and knowledge of the topic. 

To write the 500-word reflective journal, choose a scenario involving a specific community/population  group that demonstrates the significance of one of the concepts and principles of public health affecting  the health of the given population mentioned above (weeks 1-4). 

This scenario can be from your experience, general knowledge or literature (e.g. news articles). You will use  your weekly journal as a foundation to think about how these concepts and principles are represented in  real-life events, and you will support your thoughts with at least 3 valid references from authoritative  textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, government reports or academic online sources.

The structure of your reflective journal (use Microsoft Word only): 

Cover page with: 

o Student name and student ID 

o Name of the lecturer 

o Date of submission 

o Wordcount 

Background (150-200 words): Describe the scenario (if it includes data or health indicators, provide the  reference(s) of your sources) 

Reflective journal (300-350 words): Reflect about one of the previously mentioned topics and include  evidence (including the respective reference(s))

justifying your opinion and thoughts about the  scenario. 

References (not part of the wordcount): At least 3 academically valid references using the current APA  referencing style. 

Appendix (Not part of the wordcount): Include a screenshot or a photo of your weekly journals. Part B: 3-minutes Presentation 

You will propose a public health strategy based on topics from weeks 5 to 11 to address the public health  issue and population in Part A. The presentation will be individual and last 3 minutes (timed).  

– Prepare a 3-minutes presentation of your reflection and the knowledge learned in weeks 5 to  11 to be presented in class in week 12. 

– You can use a maximum of 4 slides, including the reference slide. 

o You will be required to present in 3 minutes; based on your learning reflective journal  submitted in week 5, select one health issue related to one or more principles and  

explain the role of public health in addressing the issue affecting a particular population  

group of your choice.  

o Use evidence, such as real-world public health strategies, to support your arguments. – Remember, you only have three minutes to present, so keep it concise and clear. 

– Provide at least 4 credible references to support your assignment using the current edition of  the APA referencing style.

Academic Integrity Declaration  

Assessment tasks: 

I declare that except where I have referenced, the work I am submitting for this assessment task is my own work. I have read and I am aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy  and Procedure, viewable online at 

I am aware that I need to keep a copy of allsubmitted material and their drafts, and I will do so accordingly.